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Stan B. Walters

Stan B. Walters

I have received my CSP - Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association and the Global Federation of Professional Speakers. My expertise is in "The Behavioral Science of Investigative Interviewing. My clients include law enforcement, fire service, government and military intelligence, corrections and private corporations. I have presented my training courses and done consulting worldwide including Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. I've authored two books: "The Truth About Lying How to Spot a Lie and Protect Yourself from Deception" - now published in four foreign languages. I've also authored the best selling textbook "Principles of Kinesic Interview & Interrogation" which is used by law enforcement world-wide. My other media experience includes two National Geographic programs. For the most recent National Geographic Channel program, I worked as technical adviser and host for "Science of Interrogation" which has aired world-wide. I have also appeared multiple times on NBC, CBS, ABC News, CNN (Paula Zahn & Anderson Cooper) Fox (John Gibson and Fox & Friends) and have appeared a lot on radio and local television news. My objective is to improve and advance the research in and the training of professional interview & interrogation techniques to law enforcement, military and intelligence professionals.

Stan B. Walters's Background

Stan B. Walters's Experience

President/CEO/Owner at Truth & Deception, Inc

May 1982 - Present | Versailles, KY

Past President at National Speakers Association - KY Chapter

May 2009 - June 2010

Creative Producer / Host at FreemantleMedia NA

May 2009 - April 2010

Working on new show called "The Lie Guy®." Will be in the same format as "First 48," "After the First 48," etc. It will follow interrogations of criminal cases in major police departments.

Security Director at Central Bank & Trust Company

May 1980 - October 1984

Director of Security

Security Specialist at G.T.E. Corporation

May 1978 - May 1980

Specialized in risk management and loss prevention through environmental design. Also worked on "technically" oriented cases.

Security Patrol / Communications at F.B.I.

May 1973 - May 1978

Worked off-hours complaint desk, secure communications, and held crypto clearance. Served as staff support on hijacking and kidnapping teams. Job description was staff support in nature.

Instructor - Human Behavior / Combat & Counter Terrorism Profiling at Dynamic Strategies International

August 2012

Partnered with Dynamic Strategies International to develop, deliver and train a combination of unique skill sets to elite military units including human behavior analysis/recognition in combat and counter-terrorism settings.

Chair - Editorial Advisory Board 2012 -2013 at NSA Speaker Magazine


Our board members are the hunters & gatherers who solicit the thought leaders in the professional speaking community for informative and cutting edge articles that contain practical information for professional speakers, trainers, coaches and facilitators.

President at Truth & Deception, Inc

March 2007

We work with agencies & organizations that want to train their people in the behavioral science of forensic interviews and how uncover the real story. Training, consultation, research, speeches, expert testimony, publishing

Instructor at Public Agency Training Council

May 1989

I have worked with PATC and Jim Alsup for more than 20 years teaching Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation® and Practical Kinesic Roadside & Field Interview®.

President at Stan B. Walters & Associates, Inc.

May 1982

We work with agencies and organizations that want to training their people in the Behavioral Science of Forensic Interviewing, how to conduct successful interviews and interrogations and uncover the real story. We provide training, case consultation, writing, research, expert testimony.

Stan B. Walters's Education

Eastern Kentucky University

1982 – 1985


Eastern Kentucky University

1980 – 1982


Concentration: Criminal Justice Adminsitration

University of Louisville

1975 – 1977

Post Grad

Concentration: Police Adminstration

University of Lousville

1973 – 1975


Concentration: Sociology - Criminology focus

University of Louisville

1973 – 1975


Concentration: Sociology (Criminology emphasis)

Stan B. Walters's Interests & Activities

Movies, travel, research on human behavior, writing, professional speaking, consulting, training law enforcement - military - government intelligence -business professionals.

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